Sunday, October 09, 2005

Starbucks 22nd & K St NW

Working from the Starbucks near George Washington University this afternoon. It's my first time in this Starbucks, and I must say, it's fairly nice. Not sure what the foot traffic would be like on a busy weekday, but it might be good place for future weekend work.

It has a nice decor, with large floor tiling intertwined with brick walkways, and a nice mix of comfy chairs, a couch, a six seat table well suited for studying, as well as nice little 4 seat bar near the barista where you can comfortably read the day's paper. In addition, it's a nice bright corner location with windows fully spanning the 2 street facing walls, while still maintaining the nice Starbucks ambience.

The crowd, perhaps suprisingly, is a mix of 30 something types, possibly grad students. As I mentioned, though, I imagine foot traffic picks up substantially for the weekday crowd. It's close to a metro, across the street from GW Hospital, and has a no shortage of office buildings nearby.

One great item of note for the laptop crowd, sitting from my current comfy chair, I can clearly see 3 power outlets within reach of two comfy chairs, as well as the 6 person table. I haven't scoped out the rest of the store, but it would seem a good indication.

Overall, it's a great hotspot for the laptop nomad, and definitely a space worth a return. And when I do return, I'll be sure to update post.


Other info:
Tmobile Required
Other Networks available, but untested.


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