Saturday, October 08, 2005

Introductory post

Well, this is the first of hopefully many posts to this blog, the point of which is to review hot-spots that I find throughout my day to day life as a laptop nomad. I'm actually writing this first post on my PowerBook, from a hot spot in within a Borders Books & Music here in Washington, DC.

It's not one of my favorites. Why? Well, for one, there are no comfortable, cushioned chairs. Secondly, I don't see any readily available power outlets to plug into, which means, after a couple of hours of being here, my juice is about to run out.

On the plus side, it's fairly quiet, and the customer service from the counter is friendly and fast. A nice change from some of the Starbucks I've been to in this area. It's also bright, fairly clean, and doesn't have too many people coming in and stirring up trouble.

Finally the menu is decent, though not the baked goods do not appear as fresh as Starbucks, but I'll have to save that test for another day, as my battery is about to die.


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