Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I was wrong about Podcasts.

I initially brushed off podcasts as nothing more than a fad, partially due to the fact that I found the name to be a bit of a turnoff (I still do, to a point). I also wasn't very fond of them, because my last job was a very fast paced position where I was in constant communication with other team members throughout the day, and didn't think I had time the to dedicate time to finding a worthwhile podcast.

Well, now, as I embark on this laptop nomad lifestyle for the next few months, I'm finding podcasts to be a nice background while I get my work done at Starbucks throughout the day. I'm still searching for good podcasts, and I'm using Odeo to subscribe to them on my Powerbook(listening through iTunes). Odeo seems a bit limited in terms of their index, but I like the idea as well as their visual interface. The new Yahoo Podcast search engine seems a bit cluttered for my tastes, but I'll keep it in mind for the future.

As for recommendations, look for the following on Odeo:

Word Nerds
Ebert & Roeper
Radio Economics
ChinesePod(Yahoo Podcasts, learn Chinese from ChinesePod.com)

Unfortunately, as much as I enjoy the concept of a Ruby on Rails podcast, I'm afraid I'm going to hold off on recommending the Ruby on Rails podcast for now. As it stands right now(judging from the Jamis Buck episode), it's the perfect example of a poorly executed Podcast. A lot of stammering, hemming and hawwing, and a general sense of a lack of planning.

For more on PodCasts, check out Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution:



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