Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A few tidbits for today

First, Peter Merholz has a post up on his blog commenting on the recent Alert Box from Jakob Neilsen. It's a good read, but my main reason for pointing it out is that he links to another great new blog by a member of the Office 12 User Interface team.

I've added it to my blogroll (Jensen Harris). Definitely worth a read if you dig on interface design. Microsoft is doing a pretty good job (they could be doing more, though) getting the word out early in the blogosphere about Office 12. It's amazing what a just a little openness can do for Microsofts reputation. I think Scoble's video interview of the Office U/X lead a while ago was the first time I had been able to hear a Microsoft employee justify their decisions in the design process, and it was great! As someone who just recently gave up on Windows and moved to Apple, the Office 12 interface is one the few shining examples of how Microsoft can get it right sometimes.

As for other news, Google just recently added bookmarks for search. It's great to see them experimenting with this, but until they open it up and make it a bit more social, I can't see it impeding my use of del.icio.us anytime soon. Still, they're making headway.

Oh, and quickly, Yahoo announced their Podcast search engine yesterday. Nice to see a major player stepping into this realm, and it's interesting to see Yahoo give the site a distinct media feeling instead of a more information based(a la Yahoo Search) design. It plays into the fact that Yahoo sees podcasts as a more traditional form of media which can benefit from advertising, marketing, etc., in ways that blogs have not been exploited for thus far.

Well, that's it for now, more on my feelings on podcasts later.


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