Thursday, October 13, 2005

Busboys & Poets - 14th & V St. NW

So, I'm relaxing here at the relatively new Busboys & Poets up in the U St. area of Washington, DC. I'm diggin' how comfortable the location is, and it's nice to have a free hotspot integrated with an exceptionally nice food and drink atmosphere.

The place is fairly swanky, with a full bar, a nice loungey type cafe with plenty of comfortable couches and a decent number of power outlets juice your laptop. Another nice plus is that food prices are totally reasonable. I haven't had anything today, but had sampled one of their small pizzas on previous trip. Great, fresh ingredients, and at roughly $7 a pop, one pizza is almost enough for two people, definitely one.

Other good tidbits: above and beyond the cafe, bar and restaurant, they offer a small bookstore in house. The selection is small, and sadly, doesn't offer any real technology related sections, but it's still a nice diversion nonetheless. They also offer regular events, so even though I've never been here at night, they seem to put effort towards involving the local community to bring in clientele.

If I had to make any criticisms, it would be that the place is still in search of a crowd, and it lacks the psuedo social atmosphere found in other nearby cafes such as Tryst in Adams Morgan. Of course, the plus side to that is, you're never long for an outlet to plug into, or a comfortable couch to plop down on.

Oh, and they definitely need to get some small baked goods on the menu(cookies, etc). Something to snack on while we're all here working.

All in all, a good place to sit down and work for awhile.

Free Wifi offered in house
At least 1 more available, but untested.


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